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Near-present Ocean State

   Ind/Pac Equatorial Ocean temperature (top) and salinity (bottom) anomaly

Equatorial Map

0db 50db 100db 150db 200db 300db 400db 500db

PSAL Equatorial Map

     Anomaly defined relative to Jan 2004 - Dec 2016 RG Argo Climatology annual cycle

[Roemmich, D., and J. Gilson, 2009.  The 2004-2008 mean and annual cycle of temperature, salinity, and steric height in the global ocean from the Argo Program, Progress in Oceanography, 82, 81-100.]

     Utilized Argo data spans 10 days centered at December 2, 2019 0: 0: 1 GMT

     Click here for the mapped data in netcdf format.