internal ID number                      4924                                                                                                          
transmission ID number                  ******
transmission type                       IRIDIUM                                                                                                       
instrument type                         SOLO2IR_TS36                                                                                                  
IRIDIUM program number                  n/a                                                                                                           
WMO ID number                           5904303                                                                                                       
WMO instrument type (table 1770)        853                                                                                                           
WMO recorder type (table 4770)          64                                                                                                            
start time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]       15 02 2013 00 00                                                                                              
status of start time                    approximated                                                                                                  
launch time [dd mm yyyy hh mm (Z)]      19 03 2013 13 00                                                                                              
status of launch time                   approximated                                                                                                  
launch position [lat latm lon lonm]     16 59.77  134 15.47                                                                                           
status of launch position               approximated                                                                                                  
delay of first down time [hours]        781                                                                                                           
end mission [dd mm yyyy hh mm ss (Z)]   08 07 2016 15 10 20                                                                                           
end mission status                      T                                                                                                             
cycle time [days]                       5.292                                                                                                         
descent time [hours]                    6.667                                                                                                         
neutral depth time [days]               4.5767                                                                                                        
ascent time [hours]                     10.000                                                                                                        
surface time [hours]                    0.50                                                                                                          
transmission repetition rate [sec]      -999.                                                                                                         
clock drift [hours/hours]               0                                                                                                             
last cycle                              n/a                                                                                                           
calib eq 1 for pressure                 P = CNTS*PGAIN+POFF                                                                                           
calib coef for pressure                 PGAIN=0.0400;POFF=-10.0                                                                                       
calib eq 1 for temperature              T = CNTS*TGAIN+TOFF                                                                                           
calib coef for temperature              TGAIN=0.001;TOFF=-5.0                                                                                         
calib eq 1 for salinity                 S = CNTS*SGAIN+SOFF                                                                                           
calib coef for salinity                 SGAIN=0.001;SOFF=-1.0                                                                                         
calib eq 1 for cpu voltage              VCPU = CPUGAIN*CNTS+CPUOFF                                                                                    
calib coef for cpu voltage              CPUGAIN=0.010;CPUOFF=0.00                                                                                     
calib eq 1 for pump voltage             VPMP = PMP_GAIN*CNTS+PMP_OFF                                                                                  
calib coef for pump voltage             PMP_GAIN=0.010;PMP_OFF=0.00                                                                                   
conductivity calibration date           20 03 2012                                                                                                    
temperature calibration date            20 03 2012                                                                                                    
pressure calibration date               14 03 2012                                                                                                    
float manufacturer                      SIO, UCSD, San Diego                                                                                          
float serial number                     8120                                                                                                          
PI                                      Dan Rudnick                                                                                                   
principal investigator address          SIO, UCSD, San Diego                                                                                          
project name                            Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Current, Argo equivalent                                                 
originating country                     USA                                                                                                           
float deployer                          unknown                                                                                                       
float deployer address                  unknown                                                                                                       
deployment type                         r/v                                                                                                           
deployment platform                     Mirai                                                                                                         
deployment cruise id                    OKMC                                                                                                          
profile at deployment                   n/a                                                                                                           
nominal drift pressure [dbar]           1000                                                                                                          
cycles for drift pressure               1                                                                                                             
nominal profile pressure [dbar]         2000                                                                                                          
cycles for profile pressure             1                                                                                                             
Profile Sampling Method                 Continuous                                                                                                    
temperature sensor type                 SBE41CP_V3.0a                                                                                                 
temperature sensor manufacturer         SBE                                                                                                           
temperature sensor serial number        4400                                                                                                          
conductivity sensor type                SBE41CP_V3.0a                                                                                                 
conductivity sensor manufacturer        SBE                                                                                                           
conductivity sensor serial number       4400                                                                                                          
pressure sensor type                    2900PSIA                                                                                                      
pressure sensor manufacturer            Druck                                                                                                         
pressure sensor serial number           3503233                                                                                                       
transmission IMEI number                ***************
ROM version                             SBE602 14Dec12                                                                                                
manual/decoder version                  01.30                                                                                                         
CPU serial number                       1186                                                                                                          
board serial number                     6186                                                                                                          
board type                              HC12 [Revision:5.6]                                                                                           
board battery serial number             2145                                                                                                          
pump battery serial number              7195 7188                                                                                                     
battery type                            Lithium                                                                                                       
battery manufacturer and model          ElectroChem                                                                                                   
initial battery voltage                 15 V                                                                                                          
battery packs                           2D Li + 1C Li                                                                                                 
battery details                         PUMP 2 packs of 8D cell; CPU 1 pack of 4C cell;                                                               
SIO comment                             n/a                                                                                                           
comment                                 n/a